Oaths, Covenants, Seals & Marks


     Related communion terms: oath, covenant, seals and marks. Their relationship to one another depends on their respective contexts. Mainly, Communion is not a passive recognition of what Christ did for us; rather it is our continual oath as active members in His covenant. Reciting or hearing the solemn words indicates that we are sealed with His mark, and that by taking the bread and wine, which symbolize His blood and body sacrifice (oblation), we are in and of Him exclusively, forsaking all others, be they religions, philosophies, agnosticism, humanism or anything that denies Christ as the sole path. Naturally, just mouthing the words and not living them negates everything.


     Marks and seals mentioned throughout scripture should put into context the cryptic admonitions in the book of Revelation concerning the acquisition of the mark of the beast (666), as well as the sealing of the 144,000. Marks and seals are often signs of some covenant or contract, and such markings can apply to God’s people

(essay: 7th day oath, 8th day Man) or, they can pertain to the children of the “prince of this world” as the Lord calls Satan. Sealing is even mentioned in the Song of Solomon 8:6-7 where the groom and his bride renew their vows. *Satan himself will also have a seal set upon him (Rev 20:3). This is no light matter, but unfortunately, we will soon see in scripture that many treat it as though it were.


      Assuming you are more than a casual bible reader, it soon became apparent in your study that several covenants are listed throughout the Word. The major ones are: the covenant with Noah & to the earth concerning the Flood (a rainbow), covenants with Abraham, one with Israel the nation, one with David. Finally, the new covenant was brought about with Jesus of Nazareth's sacrifice. For our purposes however, the importance of keeping our New Covenant Communion is best explained by looking at one very old example...the Sojourner up next.

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